Our first City of Brotherly Love Illini of the Year Award

Meet Dr. Charles N. Haas, first recipient of the award!

Dr. Charles N. Haas received his PhD in Environmental Engineering in 1978 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His current research interests include drinking water treatment, bioterrorism, chemical mixtures, risk assessment (pathogens in drinking water, bio solids, food), risks from personal household exposure and prevention using anti-microbial agents, and fundamental methology. His current major projects include working with the Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA) in conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Another project, headed by the University of Illinois and funded by the National Science Foundation is called Collaborative Large-scale Engineering Analysis Network for Environmental Research (CLEANER). CLEANER's goal is to develop a network of field facilities to advance knowledge of the fundamental science and engineering of water quality and quantity. Another major project is called DeVaWaSte (Delaware Valley Water Source Tracking Effort). With funding from the Philadelphia Water Department, the goal is to develop a library of microbial strains and their phenotypic and genotypic qualities in order to establish a database for use in determining sources of pollution. Last, but not least, Dr. Haas and a group of colleagues received funding for a program of PhD fellowships from the US Department of Education on "Educating Renaissance Engineers". 

The Philadelphia Illini Club would like to congratulate Dr. Haas on being the first recipient of the "City of Brotherly Love" Illini of the Year Award.

Congratulations, Dr. Haas, and we look forward to hearing you speak at our 5th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser and Dinner Event on March 26, 2011!

Read more information about Dr. Charles N. Haas here.